Woman Shares Horrifying Experience She Had With Red Cross Workers In Texas


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A Texas woman who was coordinating the delivery of hot food for hungry hurricane evacuees claims she was was confronted by a pair of Red Cross workers who proceeded to berate her.

Lindsey Scott described the encounter on her sister’s Facebook page:

I’m astonished at the behavior of the Red Cross husband/wife team at the mid-county Jack Brooks airport yesterday. Who together accosted me and took turns berating me because I was trying to bring 400 warm hamburgers to our hungry evacuees, who according to them did not need the food because they had “already had a sandwich.”

Yes, they had 1 sandwich in 24 hours. They were desperate for a hot meal! The Red Cross proceeded to try and load the warm, ready to eat burgers into an ice chest.

Scott went on to say the Red Cross tried to confiscate all the food and supplies being brought in by community volunteers, claiming that all the food needed to be shipped to a Red Cross distribution center for processing.

These supplies/donations were made by OUR LOCAL community members and the Sky Hope Network (not the Red Cross) and the Red Cross wanted them all shipped to their warehouse for processing and distribution. Apparently they don’t do “local distribution.” Say what?! We need these things here, locally, NOW.

Scott also wrote:

And the way, these two representatives of Red Cross treated local people who were donating their time … hurts my heart. I pray this is not representative of the Red Cross organization as a whole.

You can read her full Facebook post here.

Sadly, whenever an organization becomes as big as the Red Cross, the disease of bureaucracy seems to always take over.

This is not the first time the Red Cross has faced intense criticism for its actions in the wake of a natural disaster.

Records obtained by The New York Times following 2005’s Hurricane Katrina suggest the Red Cross failed miserably in its efforts to provide aid.

Volunteers with the organization reportedly once arrived with nothing but bleach when survivors needed food or water.

During the Haitian earthquake of 2010, as NPR reports, the organization raised a total of $500 million that was supposed to go towards providing shelter for the countless displaced people.

In reality, only six houses were built, with one third of that $500 million going towards administrative and management costs.

If you’d like to assist in providing aid to those affected by Hurricane Harvey, please consider a charity like Samaritan’s Purse.

The extent of the organization’s work providing actual relief has been well documented, with the Evangelical Christian organization having already sent trailers with supplies and personnel, according to Fox News.

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