Woman’s Baby Aborted Without Her Consent After Grievous Hosptial Mix-Up


A Vietnamese family suffered an unspeakable tragedy after staff at a South Korean hospital allegedly mixed up the mother’s chart with another patient and performed an abortion while she was under anesthesia.

According to The Korea Times, the mother, who is not named in reports, was six weeks pregnant when she and her husband visited the Seoul hospital in early August for a confirmation of her pregnancy and prenatal care.

After confirming the pregnancy, hospital staff recommended a nutritional supplement. While she was waiting for it, however, a nurse and doctor allegedly mixed up her chart with that of another pregnant patient which ultimately had deadly consequences. The Times reports:

It was confirmed that she was six weeks pregnant, and she was told she needed an IV solution for better nutrition.

When she was waiting for the IV, a nurse came with the wrong patient’s chart which was for a woman who needed surgery for a missed miscarriage, in which the fetus had died but not yet been miscarried. Without confirming the woman’s identity, the nurse injected her with an anesthetic drug instead of placing her on an IV.

As she fell asleep, a gynecologist then conducted the surgery, also failing to check the patient’s charts.

The mother reported she began to bleed when after returning home. She tried to call the hospital but was told that the doctor had left for the day. When the bleeding still hadn’t stopped the next day, the mother returned to the hospital where a different doctor gave her a check-up and informed her that her baby had been aborted.

Seoul Gangseo Police told ABC News that the doctor and nurse admitted their mistake, but may only face limited charges of professional negligence rather than abortion without consent.

According to the Asia News Network, “Charges of abortion without consent were considered, but as the victim was not aware she was to go through the abortion and thus could have expressed neither consent nor dissent, the two suspects could not be arrested on such charges, police explained.”

This is insane. If this woman had an appendage amputated by mistake while under anesthesia, heads would be rolling! Instead, in the pro-abortion worldview, she merely had a parasitic clump of cells extracted by mistake, so there’s no need to be too harsh on the negligent hospital staff, right? It’s sickening.

Earlier in the year, South Korea’s Constitutional Court declared the majority Christian nation’s ban on abortion unconstitutional, though its legislature has yet to formally repeal the law. In its decision, the court found that the loosely enforced ban “excessively limits [a] pregnant woman’s right to self-determination” and “violates the principle of balance by awarding unilateral and absolute superiority to protection of [a] fetus’s life.”

NPR reports:

Under Articles 269 and 270 of South Korea’s Criminal Act, women who intentionally end pregnancy are punishable with up to a year in prison, and doctors who perform abortion can face up to two years in jail. Only a few exceptions are allowed, such as pregnancy resulting from rape or incest, serious threat to a mother’s health, or the expectation that a child will be born with severe deformity.

Enacted in 1953, the abortion ban went largely unenforced. Abortion was widespread and condoned for decades under government-led “family planning” schemes. As recently as 2017, according to the estimate of the Korea Institute for Health and Social Affairs, nearly 50,000 abortions were performed, but only 62 incidents among them led to indictment, and 13 to punishment, according to the prosecutor’s office.

This heartbreaking case isn’t the first instance in which a mother was robbed of her child by a negligent nurse or doctor. According to Life News, accidental surgical and chemical abortions have occurred over the years in Canada, Australia, and India.

While it surely shattered this family’s world to discover that the baby they’d loved and longed for was taken from them, it should fill us with grief that thousands more babies just like this precious little one are killed each and every day all over the world, entirely on purpose.

Please pray that the Lord would comfort this family and move in the hearts and consciences of every doctor and nurse that participates in this gruesome procedure.

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