Women’s March Calls For Voting, Witchcraft To “Fight the Patriarchy” At The Polls


Another year, another idolatrous move by the pagan left to turn America into another failed socialist dystopia! 

During last week’s off-year elections, the Women’s March official Twitter account called on its supporters to “cast spells and cast votes” in order to “fight the patriarchy any way” they can.

“It’s #ElectionDay! All power to the people, all people to the polls. If you’re eligible, get out there and VOTE,” the ultra leftist group tweeted. 

The artwork—if you can call it that—in the tweet was created by Maayan Alper-Swan who, according to her website, creates work “informed by the exploration of global cultures and their relationship to nature and myth, cultural exchange and the journeys of women.” Whatever that means. 

She has also created other pieces celebrating feminist demigoddesses like Sylvia Plath and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and a particularly vile illustration supporting Planned Parenthood that is too graphic to share here.

As we’ve previously reported, the far left has no qualms about embracing the occult as another weapon in its cache against conservative values.

The rise of modern witchcraft is becoming increasingly less novel as even mainstream publications like Teen Vogue (surprise) teach their young readers to “awaken their inner witch.”

Of course, having the ability to use magic and forces of nature to achieve one’s socio-political agenda would be a dream for the power-hungry left, so leftism and witchcraft form quite a likely partnership. 

Last month, many so-called witches and “magical thinkers” collectively cast yet another monthly “binding” spell on President Trump and “those who abet him.”

 The monthly rituals are led by Michael M. Hughes, author of “Magic for the Resistance: Rituals and Spells for Change.” In his book, Hughes offers his deluded readers a selection of “rituals and spells for protection of immigrants and refugees, reproductive rights, anti-fascism, and protection of the earth (among other critical issues).”

Hughes also offers spells such as a “Blue Wave” spell to “save America,” “An Invocation of Hermes to Protect Immigrants, a “Hekate Invocation for Reproductive Rights,” as well as spells to “curse” Stephen Miller, Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh, the NRA, and any other ideological enemies that stand in the way of leftist domination.

“I’m willing to go on record and say it’s working,” Hughes told the Washington Examiner.

The Women’s March has applauded past efforts to “hex” Kavanaugh and the NRA, declaring that they are the witches “you,” presumably conservatives and Christians, “were not able to burn.”

Saints, this is yet another reminder that we wrestle against powers and principalities and the fiery darts of the enemy every single day. Spiritual warfare must not be neglected in our efforts to preserve Christian, conservative values in our society. 

The moment we forget the God who goes before us in battle is the moment He stops doing just that. We must be on our faces in prayer to the God of the universe, the One who commands the very natural forces these wicked people would seek to manipulate for their own gains. 

The victory is ours, but the battle is His!

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