Women’s Prize for Fiction Now Open to Men, Because Of Course


The normalization of gender confusion continues, as a respected literary award for women’s fiction, is made available to biological men.

The Women’s Prize for Fiction was created specifically to honor and elevate female fiction authors but has now announced that anyone who identifies as a woman now qualifies for the award, The Daily Wire reports.

“The Women’s Prize for fiction was founded 25 years ago to honor, celebrate and champion women’s voices, and to shine a spotlight on phenomenal fiction written by women,” Joanna Prior, Chair of Trustees announced. “Over the past quarter of a century, the prize has publicly championed and amplified a diverse breadth of women’s voices, and holds the principle of freedom of expression among its core values.”

“As a Prize which celebrates the voices of women and the experience of being a woman in all it’s a varied forms, we are proud to include as eligible for submission full-length novels written in English by all women,” the statement continued. “In terms and conditions, the word woman equates to a cis woman, a transgender woman, or anyone who is legally defined as a woman or of the female sex.”

“The trustees of the Women’s Prize Trust would like to reassert that we are firmly opposed to any form of discrimination or prejudice on the basis of race, sexuality, or gender identity,” it concluded.

This is, quite deliberately, just the latest step in a massive movement to change the very definition of the word “woman” to include people who are decidedly not women.

And naturally, it’s being praised as a move that will combat “transphobia in the industry,” although one wonders how serious of a problem so-called “transphobia” is in the literary industry, especially “transphobia” by the standards of someone who probably thinks affirming biology is, well, “transphobic.”


TEDxLondon recently changed the way they spell “women” to “womxn,” to be more inclusive. Of course, if trans men are women, why would it have to be spelled differently? Is a “womxn” different from a “woman”?

Any ideology that defies biology defeats itself pretty quickly, so I don’t know why we’d expect any consistency here.

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