Women’s Rights Debate Picks Secret Location Fearing Interruption By Trans Activists


One of the major problems the left doesn’t seem to know it has is the inherent contradiction of being super pro-transgender and hardcore feminist simultaneously.

How anti-woman is it to give men with gender dysphoria the same and in some cases, better, treatment and protections than the average woman? Isn’t this the antithesis of feminism?

Yet, strangely, many on the left hold to both positions, ignoring the absurdity and lack of logic in holding such a tension.

Transgender activists are becoming so aggressive, so demanding, so desirous of protected class status that their behavior is actually forcing women’s rights activists to meet secretly to hold discussions about new legal changes happening in the UK due to harassment.

Manchester Evening News is reporting:

A women’s rights meeting to discuss controversial transgender law changes will be held at a secret venue to avoid disruption from activists.

Organisers of a meeting to discuss proposed changes to the 2004 Gender Recognition Act have withheld details of the location from the public after previous meetings have led to them being labelled ‘transphobic bigots’.

The proposed law change would make it much easier for people to legally change their gender. But some argue the changes could disadvantage women and have implications for toilets, changing rooms and hospital wards, while making it harder to gather data.

Feminist activist Beatrix Campbell, Ruth Serwotka, of Socialist Feminist Network and socialist transwoman Kristin-Jayne Harrison are due to speak at the sell-out public meeting, called A Woman’s Place is Under Threat, tonight.

Emma Wilks, speaking on behalf of Women’s Place UK, said: “In the past, details of similar events have been passed onto trans activists who have then rung the venue, saying ‘there are transphobic people holding a meeting at your venue’ or ‘they are bigots’. They misrepresent us and some meetings have ended up being cancelled.

Liberals like those deeply involved in the LGBTQ movement constantly go on about how tolerant they are and how they love to be inclusive of people who are different than they are, but when the rubber hits the road, they end up being some of the most hateful, divisive people on the planet.

If these folks were truly “inclusive,” it would be absolutely no problem whatsoever to allow those who disagree with their liberal worldview to share their thoughts openly and have a genuine conversation about the topic with all opinions equally heard and valued.

That’s not the case, however, as is clearly evidenced by how aggressive these people can be in declaring their opposition to anyone daring to challenge their lifestyle or belief system. If the way they are living is normal and natural, why fear opposition?

It’s a sad state of affairs when people have to meet in secret to have important conversations, but if liberalism goes unchecked, that’s precisely where we’ll all be headed eventually.