You Won’t Believe the Questions on This Sixth Grade Health Quiz!


Why do public school health classes always seem like a thinly veiled attempt to teach children explicit details about sex and push alternative sexual identity politics on them?

A DeKalb County, Georgia mother was probably wondering the same thing when her sixth-grade daughter came home with a quiz from health class that had some very unnecessary and inappropriate questions on them.

Octavia Parks, the mother of a 12th grader at Lithonia Middle School was shocked to find her daughter’s quiz had 10 questions that all pertained to identifying various sexual preferences. Again, this was for sixth-grade health class. 

“We’re talking about a sixth grader who still watches Nickelodeon,” Parks said. “I’m not ready to explain what these words are nor what they mean.”

“Why are they teaching that in school?” she asks. “What does that have to do with life?”

According to Fox News, Parks says she had spoken with the health teacher previous and had been assured that nothing like this would be taught in the class.

“We had a brief conversation and she assured me that this sort of thing would not happen.” she said. “Nonetheless, it is happening.”

“I will be removing her from that class,” she added, “and I’m also going to take it to the board of education to see what they have to say about it, as well.”

Fox says it is not immediately clear whether or not the DeKalb County School District approved this curriculum, but a spokesman for the district did make this statement:

“DCSD has been made aware of this alleged event and is working to verify its authenticity. We will investigate this event and take action, as appropriate, once that investigation is completed.”

Thank God for this mama bear blowing the whistle on this completely inappropriate quiz! We need more mothers and fathers to stand up against public schools who try to subject our children to their secular, humanist view on science and sexuality.

Sexual identity has no place in the classroom and has absolutely nothing to do with health! When is this filth going to end?

Mom Blogger Throws Down On Sexualization Of Kids

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Posted by Elizabeth Johnston on Saturday, August 26, 2017