Writer Laments That With Roe Overturned, Younger Generation Can’t Enjoy “Care-Free Sex Lives”

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In a recent opinion piece for The Daily Beast, a pro-abortion commentator lamented that younger generations will not be able to enjoy the no-strings-attached sex life that she experienced before Roe v Wade was overturned.

Writer Rebecca White described it as a “privilege” to have had so many sexual partners that she doesn’t even know the total number, a privilege which she argued defines a generation.

“I’ve been lucky enough to have slept with at least 17 men in my 41 years of life, and I think it might mean something positive that I’m not sure if there were more,” White writes.

“Why keep track? Because if it doesn’t matter to me, it shouldn’t matter at all. That’s the freedom and privilege of having had access to abortion and contraception for my entire adult life,” she proudly declares.

In light of increasingly strict laws governing abortion in some states, she states that “Talking about abortion access must come in many forms. This has now become a war, and battles for regaining our constitutional rights as women must become manifest on the streets, on the page, and in conversation.”

A serious part of this battle, she posits, is to encourage women to “state our sex facts as an athlete would boast of their statistics.”

“That’s one way we can fight this war,” she argues.

As far as White is concerned, for women to be able to be separated from the supposed burden of motherhood in order to enjoy responsibility-free sex lives is the only means through which they can truly be equal to men.

And so, she touts her own sexual history as an apparent glorious statement of women’s liberation.

“I became sexually active when I was 18 years old and continue to be sexually active today,” White explains. “I slept with men when I wanted to have sex. And I didn’t sleep with men when I didn’t want to have sex. And quite often, I took Plan B if I was nervous I might be pregnant. I was only on birth control for a year or two in my early twenties, but that was in the early aughts and fears of IUDs—which I now use, happily—made hormonal pills more appealing.”

“I’ve had one-off encounters. I’ve had long-term romantic relationships. I’ve had sex with men I never wanted to see again. Most often, if I chose to have sex, it was because I felt it was the most reasonable way of expressing a type of love I felt for whatever person I was seeing,” she later explains.

The piece is a lengthy diatribe in favor of the concept that abortion is essentially a great equalizer, one which enables women to have sex in just as liberal and care-free a manner as she believes men can.

However, she also scoffingly notes that “If every man went into sex thinking, ‘Do I want to have children with this woman?’—the idea would be seen as patently absurd.”

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