WVU Holds Drag Queen Storytime Event Organizer Says “Inclusivity” Is “The Purpose Of Higher Education”


College campuses are some of the most hostile places in the US for freedom of thought and speech despite insisting they are enlightened epicenters of inclusivity, tolerance, and education. The truth is, should you dare step outside of the LGBT narrative and voice an opinion contrary to the progressive agenda on today’s campuses, you can expect to be “lovingly” shouted down and immediately labeled a hateful bigot.

Under the umbrella of “tolerance,” proponents of immorality and depravity simply dismiss any critics as “hateful.” Just listen to what the West Virginia University’s LGBTQ+ Center Director, Cris Mayo, had to say about a recent Drag Queen Storytime event that was held at WVU’s Mountainlair’s Gluck Theatre despite a previous backlash to similar events.

“We think it is important that every time there is hate, we just bring in love at a higher volume,” Mayo said, according to The Daily Athenaeum. “When haters hate, we come back with love, and we come back with education and we come back with a message of inclusion because that’s who we are.”

The “hate” Mayo is referring to was the backlash to a previously canceled event similar to the one that was just held.

“Prominent people in our community who instigated violence have backtracked,” Mayo claimed. “They have not apologized. They are pretending they did not do it.”

Considering the far-left considers differences of opinion to be “violence” and “hate speech,” it’s hard to determine if there were any actual threats and incitements to violence or if there was just vocalized opposition to drag queens being involved with children at a state-funded, public university. Nonetheless, Mayo claims the high road.

The show must go on. The Daily Athenaeum reports:

After the cancellation of their previously scheduled event at the Morgantown Library, Mayo said drag queens Dimitria Blackwell and Robin Hearts-Love had a few concerns with coming back. However, the message of inclusivity paired with the resources WVU could offer brought them back.

“They’ve got such positive reinforcement with so many people,” Mayo said. “We can offer infrastructure that enforces the freedom of speech, the importance of learning to read and the importance of reading to your kids. I think they felt we were able to frame the issue and provide support.”

Starting at 6 p.m., there will be a 45-minute book reading, during which Dimitria Blackwell and Robin Hearts-Love will read two classic children’s books: “The Very Hungry Caterpillar” and “Stellaluna.”

At 6:45 p.m., a 15-minute intermission will begin, and volunteer students will read LGBTQ+ children’s books.

Following the intermission, the drag queens will return to the stage and perform a show, which will be followed by a question and answer session.

“We take learning very seriously, and we want to highlight other people in our community,” Mayo said. “As a subset, we want our community to learn more about the diversity around us.”

What exactly is the educational goal of having men dressed up as unsavory, boorish caricatures of women reading to children and then performing for them?  Should anyone voice this concern they’re just being “haters.”

“There are a lot of haters in this state saying negative things about trans people and negative things about drag queens, not understanding that there was a long tradition in both trans and drag communities of doing charitable work, community improvement work and really pushing the importance of learning,” Mayo asserted.

While that statement is unfounded, it’s what he said next that is most concerning and reveals the true mentality behind university academics in the US today.

“We want to show that WVU is an inclusive place. Sometimes in our state there are people who are not inclusive, and that’s the purpose of higher education.”

Mayo, like many others in academia, truly believe their purpose, and the purpose of higher education as an institution is to bring enlightened love, inclusion, and tolerance to the world. 

While states are working to protect children from drag queens and the transgender push, the world of academia will continue to label those efforts as “hate” and press on with the massive LGBT indoctrination agenda, whether we like it or not.

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