WY Library Board Breaks With American Library Association Over Books on Transgenderism, Pedophilia

Photo by Keren Fedida on Unsplash

A Wyoming library board has moved to break ties with the American Library Association over the group’s promotion of books that discuss and depict transgenderism and pedophilia.

The Campbell County Library Board of Gillette, Wyoming voted 4-1 to “no longer have any association” with the national organization, which has been named amid growing public outcry over pornographic books in public libraries.

The Epoch Times notes that some of the books that motivated the board’s vote included “Sex Is A Funny Word,” an illustrated book that discusses masturbation and which the ALA recommends for children aged 8-11.

The book “Trans Mission,” meanwhile, reportedly caused outrage in Campbell County over its detailed “how-to” account of author Alex Bertie’s “transition” to life as a man, including discussions about breast removal surgery, hormone drugs, and bisexual desires.

Pornographic books discussing gender and sexuality have captured national attention in recent years as parents are often horrified to find what their children can easily access in public school libraries.

The book “Gender Queer” by Maia Kobabe is an example of a book containing graphic illustrations of sex acts, including pedophilia, that can despite being what the ALA has described as one of the most “challenged” books in the U.S. can nonetheless be found in public libraries and school libraries across the nation.

Proponents of graphic sexually explicit books being promoted for children argue that they are necessary to help LGBT children understand themselves.

However, ALA President Emily Drabinski is a self-avowed “Marxist lesbian” who has worked to further the “queering” of library catalogues.

Amid a formidable career as the “critical pedagogy librarian” prior to being elected to the ALA, Drabinski gave a lecture on “Teaching the Radical Catalogue” during which she stated that “queerness includes the subversion” of “normal family types.”

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