Yes! Florida Bill Would Fine Twitter, Facebook for Social Media Censorship


Now this is the kind of legislation we need to start seeing! Way to go, Florida.

This month, Big League Politics reports, a Florida lawmaker introduced the Stop Social Media Censorship Act, aimed at holding Big Tech companies responsible for their mass censorship of conservatives, Christians, and alternative voices.

According to the summary of the bill, which was introduced Friday, Florida State Senator Joe Gruters, it will prohibit “a social media company from using hate speech as a defense,” and authorize Florida’s “Attorney General to bring an action on behalf of a social media website user,” a move which would no doubt deal a serious blow to the Big Tech censors currently holding free speech hostage.

The bill asserts that these social media giants have established a “digital public square” and that the state of Florida “has an interest in helping its citizens enjoy their free exercise of rights.”

As does every other state in this nation if we’d like to see our sacred right to free speech preserved!

If enacted, any social media network with over 75 million users would be fined a minimum of $75,000 for free speech infringements.

This is a very small, but significant step towards holding the agenda-driven executives of the major Big Tech companies accountable for their suppression of free speech.

They have created a platform that has become the information hub of our current world and they cannot continue to have so great an influence over the way we share and publish speech without being held to the standards of our constitution.


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