Yet Another Teacher Caught On Video Scolding a Pro-Trump Student


Yet another video of a student being lectured and berated for supporting President Donald Trump has surfaced.

According to video shared by conservative radio show host Jason Rantz, the teacher spent nearly 10 minutes arguing with the unnamed student about the president’s immigration policy.

Connor Seaman, the Language Arts teacher at Kopachuck Middle School in Gig Harbor, Washington, asked his students to create a presentation on their personal heroes. The student in question chose Trump, citing, among other things, the president’s immigration policy and push for a border wall.

At first, Seaman asked the student to stick around after class and offered him helpful tips for choosing sources for his project.

When the student said he primarily used the official White House website as his source, Seaman went into a political rant.

“Like we kinda talked about the wall thing, so, like, I mostly know about this because of my own research,” Seaman told the student. “There’s only, like, along the wall that’s been built, has mostly just been replacing old wall that was already there. I mean, it wasn’t really a wall. It was kind of like a fence, you know? But it’s still a barrier. The promise was to make a wall along the border, and only like, 100 miles, I think, is the number out of the 3,000 total miles has actual structures.”

“Why is it heroic to make a wall to keep out immigrants?” Seaman finally asked the student, shifting the conversation completely into a political debate rather than constructive criticism to make for a better school project.

Seaman proceeded to compare illegal immigration to jaywalking, at which point the student protested.

“Right. But why is that important though?,” Seaman asked with a heavy tone of condescension. “So, like, for example, like, let’s say, because jaywalking is illegal, let’s say I were to do a taskforce that cost billions of dollars to stop jaywalking once and for all type thing. Is that, like, you see the kind of point I’m trying to get right here?”

At this point, the student faces the camera for a well-earned eyeroll.

“Um, what would be a bigger accomplishment: lowering murder rates or lowering illegal border crossing?” Seaman went on, digging himself a deeper hole. “Because, like, that is a more adverse effect on people like, how does it affect you that someone is crossing the border illegally?”

“So if you’re gonna introduce bullet points, you kind of have to back up with why that’s heroic, because there’s a lot of people who would argue that it’s not heroic and it’s actually… a lot of the rhetoric that has been said has been very racist,” Seaman said, putting the cherry on top of the complete destruction of his own integrity as a teacher.

When the student asks Seaman what Trump has specifically said that is racist, the teacher cites a 2015 speech in which Trump said rapists and murderers are being sent from Mexico into the United States.

“It’s pretty racial language, so a lot of people would argue that it’s actually creating a lot of racist tensions by saying that,” Seaman claims.

At that point, the student excused himself from the conversation. When he later notified his mother of the incident, she was understandably livid.

The mother, who also remains unidentified, spoke with the school’s principal, Heidi Fedore, who she says admitted that the conversation was inappropriate.

The district, however, didn’t have much of an issue with Seaman’s rant.

“The comment that the teacher tried to convince the student he was wrong for supporting President Trump’s immigration policy is not accurate,” spokesperson Aimee Gordon told Rantz on air. “The student and teacher spoke about immigration policy in the context of providing evidence for why President Trump is a hero. The teacher’s intent was to encourage the student to use more than one source ( for his assignment.”

Although the conversation certainly started out that way, it’s obvious to any critical thinker that it quickly delved beyond mere help with accomplishing the project.

Gordon ultimately conceded that “part of their conversation became more political in nature.”

“When speaking with the parents,” she explained, “the principal shared that the teacher should have stuck more closely to the assignment objectives for using multiple sources and not as much on using immigration policy as an example.”

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