You Will Be Shocked To Learn What She Is Doing With “Hurricane Relief” Donations


Leftist extremist and pro-jihad Linda Sarsour has sunk lower than thought humanly possible, as she is now exploiting Hurricane Harvey victims.

In a fundraiser than seems to be for “Hurricane Relief,” Sarsour is seeking donations for a project that is actually a leftist political organizing group with no apparent intention to provide for the immediate needs of Texans affected by the disaster.

In a tweet yesterday, Sarsour asked her followers to “donate to the Harvey Hurricane Relief Fund.”

The link in that tweet sends readers to a webpage run by the Texas Organizing Project – an organization whose purpose is to provide “hard working Texans the opportunity to implement real change by organizing their own neighborhoods, investing their time and energy in causes relevant to their respective communities, and collectively taking ownership over TOP’s agenda, strategy and direction.”

The American Spectator has reported that the Texas Organizing Project is actually a spinoff of ACORN, members of which were caught up in voter registration fraud, vote-rigging, voter intimidation, and vote-for-pay scams.

Leaving aside the Texas Organizing Project’s controversies, the big scandal is that money donated to the organization will not go directly towards helping those whose lives have been uprooted by Hurricane Harvey.

Instead it will fund the vague plans of the Texas Organizing Project – and other leftist partners in the project such as SEUI and

Twitter users were not happy with this “relief fund” victims of Hurricane Harvey.

The Activist Mommy recommends “Coach Dave” to get your donations straight to the victims of Hurricane Harvey! You can listen to this quick testimony of how your donations will actually be saving lives. Dave’s team will be leaving for Texas soon to provide relief.

Keep Texas in your prayers!

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