You Won’t Believe What These New York “Witches” Claim…


A group of Wiccans in New York State has opened up their erstwhile secret society to a television journalist from News 12 in Westchester in order to, as one member put it, “help people, teach people and preserve this path.”

While the group of mostly middle-aged women appeared more like a New-Age sewing circle, they claim that the Hudson Valley plays host to nearly 20% of the country’s one million witches.

The Wiccans also hinted that they want to rehabilitate the age-old image of witches as satanic, spell-casters. They claim to focus primarily on being at one with nature.

“You start honoring Nature,” one Wiccan said. “You start having a connection with the sky.”

While these Wiccans gave no indication that they had any political leanings, last February, a group of rogue witches claimed they were going to place a hex on Donald Trump. Another hex was placed to “bind” him in June by a group of “resistance witches,” which boasted several thousand members.

While Trump’s young administration has had its share of troubles from the start, they have not yet been directly tied back to any specific spell or curse.

However, we do know that Harry Potter author and Twitter spell-caster J.K. Rowling is not a Trump fan.


News 12