Young Girl Severely Burned After Attempting Viral TikTok Challenge


A 13-year-old girl was severely burned and is facing months of rehabilitation after attempting a dangerous TikTok challenge.

Last month, Destini Crane became yet another victim of the many dangerous pranks and challenges on the popular social media app, her mother Kimberly told KATU-TV.

“I have parental controls on all her stuff, and it still wasn’t enough,” the Portland, Oregon mom said.

Destini was reportedly attempting to participate in a challenge where a flammable substance is smeared on a mirror and ignited in the dark. Her family believes a bottle of rubbing alcohol caught fire and set the blaze that nearly immolated the poor girl.

“I was in the living room when she screamed my name and opened the bathroom door. Her body was on fire,” Kimberly recalled. “It was unreal. Heartbreaking. I don’t think anybody wants to see their daughter on fire. Horrible.”

Destini is still being treated for extensive third-degree burns in an intensive care unit. The teen has also received a tracheotomy and skin grafts on her arm and neck. She is expected to be hospitalized for a minimum of two more months.

The Crane family has created a GoFundMe fundraising campaign to help cover Destini’s hospital bills.

After surviving this harrowing experience, the Crane family is calling on parents to monitor their children’s online activity with great care.

“It’s really important to be present with your children,” said Destini’s sister, Andrea, “because we can monitor them, we have parental controls, we can do all that all we want, but things slip through.”

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