Young Man Who Alleges Assault By Opera Singer and His Husband Empowered to Come Forward By #MeToo Movement


There is a dirty little secret about sexual assault in the US that the biggest proponents of #MeToo don’t want you to know.

Men are victims of sexual assault too.

Of course, the narrative the cultural left wants us to take away from the #MeToo movement is that all men are bad and all masculinity toxic and the straight, white male population must be proverbially beat into submission.

Here’s a story that likely won’t get the kind of attention that you would expect from a brutal rape at the hands of a public figure.

The Daily Mail reports:

A famous opera singer and his husband have been arrested on suspicion of raping a young singer who claims he was left bleeding from the rectum after blacking out at an after-show party with the pair in Texas, in 2010.

David Daniels, 52, and his conductor husband Scott Walters, 37, were arrested in Michigan, where they live, on Tuesday night.

They are being held in county jail and aware awaiting extradition to Houston where they are accused of raping Samuel Schultz after a performance in 2010.

Schultz came forward last August with his allegations, waiving his anonymity as the possible victim of a sex crime to describe how the couple allegedly preyed on him.

He reported his claims to the Houston Police Department at the same time.

In his complaint, Schultz, who was 23 at the time, described how he rarely drinks but accepted a drink from Daniels once they got back to the home the couple was staying in.

Schultz, who decided to come forward after eight years because of the #MeToo movement, says that he awoke in their apartment afraid and in pain, and only after going to the bathroom did he realize his rectum was bleeding.

When the couple returned, they told him they’d had unprotected sex.

”I remember David saying, “Don’t worry about the BB thing, I’m totally negative,” Schultz wrote. “‘BB in this case meant bareback, otherwise known as raping me without a condom.”

The proponents of the #MeToo movement would like you to believe that rape is a symptom of a patriarchal, heteronormative culture, but if that is the case, why doesn’t a culture that normalizes homosexuality and alternative lifestyles eliminate the potential of rape?

Rape is the result of sin, and is one of the worst sins you can commit against another image-bearer of our Creator God.

It is not a “culture” that is promoted by “patriarchy,” but rather a depraved, despicable act committed by someone who believes that the desires of their flesh are more important than the worth and dignity of another person.

If we embrace cultures that promote the desires of the flesh, how can we rightly say that a rapist doesn’t have a right to embrace the desires of his flesh to drug and rape other men?

And why aren’t we holding all rapists to the same standards?


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