Young Ohio Mother Grieves After Her Unborn Son Is Killed in a Drive-By Shooting


A young mother in Columbus, Ohio is grieving the loss of her unborn son after his life was taken in a drive-by shooting just weeks before his due date.

According to ABC 6, 15-year-old Ma’Tiya Bruster-Lewis was taking a walk with an unidentified male near her home when an unidentified assailant opened fire and shot her in the abdomen.

Bruster-Lewis was rushed to Grant Medical Center where doctors delivered her son, whom she named Asier Vedal Lewis. The precious young mother, however, was only able to spend a few moments with her baby boy before he was taken off of life support.

Family wants justice for baby killed in northeast Columbus drive-by shooting

A 15-year-old from the Linden area is speaking out as she recovers from a drive-by shooting that killed her baby boy.

Posted by WSYX ABC 6 on Wednesday, August 26, 2020

“To me, they are more than numbers. They are somebody’s child,” Columbus Police Deputy Chief Tim Becker said of the epidemic of drive-by shootings in the area.

Franklin County Prosecutor Ron O’Brien told ABC 6 that if the shooter is identified and “if there is any indication the offender knew or could observe [Bruster-Lewis] was pregnant then we would pursue the homicide charge” without hesitation.

Now, Bruster-Lewis and her family are speaking out in search of justice for Asier. “Our hope is to get justice for my grandbaby, for Asier Vedal Lewis,” said her grandmother, Tamara Lewis. “Help us get justice for him. Help us figure out who did this nonsense.”

“There’s always someone shooting out here, it never stops,” Bruster-Lewis said of the constant violence in the area. “It never fails. What do y’all want to shoot people and kill people for? What is the reason?”

“I’d rather be dead, though, than my baby,” Bruster-Lewis said, believing Asier took the shot that would have killed her. “He didn’t have no chance to live in the world. He didn’t have no chance to grow up.”

“They just took my baby from me,” she wept. “I never did nothing to nobody, for him to just pull up and shoot and take my baby from me.”

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