“Youth Pole Dancing” Classes Offered at Australian Dance Studio Despite Public Outrage


Yet another form of the sexual grooming of children is carrying on undisturbed under the guise of “education” and “art,” and it’s almost too sickening to believe: “Youth pole dancing.” 

No, this isn’t satire. Parents are really marching their tweens and teens over to the local pole dance studio to learn a style of “dancing,” if you must call it that, commonly associated with strip clubs and peep shows.

In a suburb of Melbourne, Australia, one dance studio was the subject of well-earned criticism for offering these classes to children as young as ten years old.

In spite of the obvious fact that the act of spinning around on a pole wearing as little clothing as possible is blatantly sexual,, Pole Dance Addiction in Blackburn and its clients seemed to think that it could double as a great fitness activity for children. Wow! 

“I think the main reason we are being criticised is because people are misinformed,” studio owner Melissa Comb said, according to 7 News. No, I think it’s very much because people know exactly what pole dancing is that they’re being criticized.

Comb laughably argues that the classes are closer to acrobatics or gymnastics and that the backlash is rooted in ignorance.

“[The children] don’t make those associations [with sex]. It’s adults that make those associations,” Comb added. “Perhaps if we called it a circus class, perhaps parents would have thought a bit different.”

Did she seriously just suggest that? Just like a pedophile might tell his victims that sexual abuse is simply “playtime” or “special exercises,” these people are suggesting renaming pole dancing in order to pass it off as something innocent. There are no words for how sick this is.

Let’s set the record straight right here. Children don’t make these associations, as Comb says, because they thankfully haven’t had their innocence destroyed quite yet. So don’t worry, if adults sexualize these children, they won’t know it! Seriously?! 

Just like our young children might not make any sexual associations with a man in a dress having them lay on top of his body or flash his crotch to them at a drag queen story hour, that doesn’t mean we let them participate, right?! Ugh! 

According to The Pole Project, a studio in South Africa, this form of “dancing” has many supposed benefits for children:

Pole fitness can match athletic training when it comes to strength, flexibility, discipline and endurance.

It can improve motor skills, including balance, coordination and spatial awareness.

Sports involving routines build the same neurological pathways that are formed during creativity, reasoning and analytical processes. This is neglected with repetitive sports e.g. swimming, cricket.

It encourages team work and a healthier lifestyle, all the while providing a fun experience that keeps kids fully engaged throughout.

Pole for kids is “play time” or “structured park play” – it’s really no different to swinging, spinning and turning upside down on a jungle gym or a horizontal gymnastics bar, for that matter. It is therefore no coincidence that countries with a long tradition in the field of gymnastics (e.g. US, Russia, China and Ukraine) have created pole and aerial fitness academies for children.

It’s no different than playing on a jungle gym?! Typically kids are reasonably clothed and not flashing their crotches when they play on a jungle gym! 

Here’s one simple question: why do we need to sign our children up for a slightly cleaned up version of a traditionally hyper-sexualized practice when there are countless other legitimate forms of dance, acrobatics, and more? Why are the pole dance apologists really so bent on including children in their classes?

It’s our job to shield our children and avoid even the appearance of evil, not flirt with a normalized sexual “art form” and excuse it as a great way to exercise.

It’s our job as the adults in the situation to say “no” to them when they ask to do things or attend events that could be dangerous to their bodies and their souls.

These people can claim innocence all they want, folks, but at the end of the day it is our responsibility to keep our children safe and keeping them very far away from these sick people is our most important job second to instilling them with the virtues of the Gospel.

But we should also never fail to call out evil when we see it, and at the end of the day, teaching children to dance like erotic dancers, no matter what the context, is nothing but. 


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