Shameful: YouTube Demonetizes Conservative Radio Host Dr. Michael Brown’s Videos

YouTube has demonetized videos by Dr. Michael Brown, a Messianic Jewish radio host.


This is but the latest in a string of demonetization efforts by YouTube clamping down on conservative viewpoints on the internet.

“We have hundreds and hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of videos on YouTube,” Dr. Brown stated in a video uploaded to Facebook last night.

“They are monetized which means that at the beginning of the video you see like a five second ad,” he continued.

“The little money that comes in, we put straight back into ministry work and we work hard on these videos.”

Dr. Brown went on to state that, occasionally, YouTube flags one or two of his videos for demonetization as a result of his placement of words like “Islam” in the title.

“Well, listen,” he continued, “every single one of our videos – I’m talking about the King James Version of the Bible, I’m debating a rabbi, I’m answering a Bible question – each one, we have to request a review.”

“Our whole account looks like it just got flagged. We’re talking about hundreds, maybe 900 videos. Every single one has been flagged as unsuitable for advertising.”

“I’m not worried, I’m not concerned,” he continued. “God is our source and there are a lot of ways to get message out and we will get it out by God’s grace. But this is just a reminder – there’s a real war going on, an ideological war – and through prayer and through speaking the truth and through refusing to compromise, we are going to speak more loudly, more clearly, more decisively, with greater clarity and anointing and truth and compassion by the Grace of God.”

See Dr. Brown’s full video below.

You will not believe what YouTube has just done to us! (To stand with us, go here:

Posted by AskDrBrown on Thursday, August 17, 2017

Linked in the caption of that clip is a website where supporters of Dr. Brown can donate to help support his ministry in light of YouTube’s demonetization efforts.

Many people have responded to Dr. Brown’s Facebook video expressing their support for him as well as their frustration with YouTube.

So, just to be clear, YouTube has no problem with videos like this one in which adults teach kids about masturbation but they do have an issue with a Messianic Jew who talks about the Bible and condemns baby murder.

To be fair, can we expect more from a company like Google that literally just fired an employee for expressing displeasure with the company’s political correctness?

There is indeed, as Dr. Brown put it, an ideological war going on. Unfortunately, liberals own some of the largest platforms and companies in the world.

In light of this, we must continue to support conservative voices like Dr. Brown with our private donations and prayers so they can continue to spread the message of truth.

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