YouTube Hosts Kids’ Channel Promoting Pornography, Abortion

Screenshot: YouTube

Google-owned YouTube hosts a channel Amaze Org which aimed at children and meant to serve the purpose of sex education and, as we’ve reported on more than one occasion, has been used as a resource by public classroom instructors.

However, as The Federalist’s Bailey Duran recently pointed out, the explicit content on the channel appears to directly violate YouTube’s own standard for content that is aimed at children.

The platform’s policy clearly states that “Content that targets young minors and families but contains sexual themes, violence, obscene, or other mature themes not suitable for young audiences, is not allowed on YouTube.”

Yet Amaze Org’s channel, which boasts over 200,000 subscribers and features cute, animated videos that appear at first glace to be completely innocuous, discuss topics like pornography, masturbation, sexuality, abortion, and birth control. I.e., sexual themes.

One video Duran described teaches children it is normal to consume pornography because “lots of people do it” and “it’s free!”

Another video teaches children that there is “no limit” on the number of times a person can masturbate in one day and that it is a normal part of puberty to want to do so all day.

An explainer on abortion featuring a friendly purple monster describes an abortion procedure as “very safe” and that the vacuum that dismembers an unborn baby in the womb as a “gentle suction.”

“As if it couldn’t get any worse, the video describes life-saving crisis pregnancy centers as ‘fake clinics that exist only to try to talk a person out of an abortion,’” Duran notes. “It warns young people to thoroughly research the center they plan to visit in order to ensure it includes abortion procedures, so they are not tricked into getting aid from a ‘fake’ clinic.”

“In this twisted and perverted world we live in, it is more vital than ever to remain vigilant and know what your children are watching and engaging in,” she astutely warns. “These kinds of videos may look innocent, but they are quickly spreading their poison to this generation of young minds.”

Last month, a New Jersey sex-ed curriculum was scrutinized over its direction to students to watch Amaze Org videos, as highlighted by state Senator Holly Schepisi, who voted against legislation that would have mandated such classes.

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