YouTube Rejects Ad From Veterans Ministry Over “Unacceptable” Keyword: “Christian”


As we have been saying for years now, Big Tech’s brazen anti-Christian and anti-Conservative thought policing must stop.

Earlier this week, YouTube rightfully came under fire when the proprietors of a faith-based ministry for military veterans were barred from running an ad for their foundation because it contained just one unacceptable keyword: “Christian.”

According to Chad Robichaux, a U.S. Marine veteran and founder of the Mighty Oaks Foundation, his marketing team recently attempted to run the ad for his “Mighty Oaks Show,” which features interviews with vets and Christian content geared toward their unique strengths and struggles after service.

But, because they dared to mention the word “Christian”, the ad was deemed “unacceptable”:

According to Life Site News, the ad promoted an episode of the show guest-starring Darrin Dick, director and producer of the documentary, “Unforgotten,” which portrays the life of Korean War veteran Harold Bauer, Dick’s grandfather, who had found “hope and healing in his Christian faith.”

“So one of the keywords to boost the ad,” Robichaux said in an interview with Faithwire, “was the word ‘Christian,’ which we use regularly. The ad was denied specifically because of the use of the word ‘Christian.’”

“This is the first time we’d seen this,” Robichaux said. “We called the (Google) helpline and they said that Google’s new criteria prohibited that word ‘Christian.’”

Regardless of anyone’s faith, or lack thereof, in our diverse nation, Robichaux rightly  notes that “this is a dangerous path for America to go down.” 

“How do we reach the people we’re called to reach?” he asked. “We’re not a political organization; we’re a ministry that’s called to serve the brokenhearted, and that’s what we’re trying to do.” 

Robichaux noted that he has never been reluctant about his own conservative beliefs, but said, “We’re collateral damage to this political debate.”

Censorship should terrify every American; conservative or liberal, Christian or Muslim,” Robichaux said in a tweet in which he shared his experience with YouTube. “This bias is a dangerous course for America.”

Shortly thereafter, one of YouTube’s official Twitter accounts responded, saying, “We know that religious beliefs are personal, so we don’t allow advertisers to target users on the basis of religion. Beyond that, we don’t have policies against advertising that includes religious terms like ‘Christian.’”

Next, however, in a very interesting twist, Robichaux exposed YouTube with the results of a little experiment he conducted, switching the word “Christian” for “Muslim.” 

“We ran the exact same ad with the keyword ‘Muslim’ & it was approved but ‘Christian’ was not,” he stated. “Additionally, we’ve ran ads with the keyword ‘Christian’ for years. This year alone we had 150,000 impressions on that word in our ads. As per your support line, this is a new restriction.”

Needless to say, YouTube didn’t have a soft, politically-correct response to that one.

YouTube, Google (YouTube’s parent company), and other behemoths of Big Tech have been redoubling their subtle efforts of content censorship for some time now.

Back in 2009, YouTube silently removed videos posted by Live Action exposing questionable practices at Planned Parenthood. As we’ve previously reported, Facebook has suspended The Activist Mommy over something as straightforward as referring to transgenderism as mental illness—which, the DSM-5 states, it is!

Back in March, YouTube demonetized Dr. Michael Brown’s Christian ministry and his video “Can You Be Gay and Christian?” because Google employees were “upset” by Brown merely explaining Christian teaching on same-sex “marriage.”

According to Life Site, internal practices within Big Tech companies are only going to grow more hostile toward their ideological opponents:

In January, leaked internal documents showed Google commonly manipulates search results to shroud YouTube searches for conservative topics. Google workers were found to manually curate black and white lists of search topics, conservative searches making the black list. 

This contradicted Google CEO Sundar Pichai’s sworn testimony before Congress in December that Google employees don’t manipulate search results on the company’s platforms. 

Pichai would go on and say in an interview in June that he wants YouTube to continue suppression of videos the company deems “harmful.”

A Google software engineer confirmed earlier in March that the tech company has a bias against Christians, specifically labeling Christian YouTube ads “homophobic.”

YouTube demonetized a video conversation between Catholic evangelist Patrick Coffin and LifeSiteNews co-founder and editor-in-chief John-Henry Westen in May with the reasoning it had “confirmed it wasn’t suitable for all advertisers.”

YouTube stopped all revenue from conservative commentator and comedian Steven Crowder’s channel in June, responding to calls from left-wing news outlet Vox to ban Crowder completely.

Saints, we need to wake up and realize just how dangerous this situation really is for Christians and conservatives. With the snap of a finger, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and others can silence us, demonetize us, and do everything they can to eradicate us from their platforms. 

We need to stand up and fight this!

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